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Jesse James


What’s your favorite console?
Answer: PC has to be my favorite, I like being able to upgrade components rather than an entire console

What’s your favorite video game right now?
Answer: That is a hard one, I have really been grinding on Fortnite to get better.

What’s your favorite video game of all time?
Answer: It’s hard to beat the classics, I loved playing the Final Fantasy games.

Do you think console controllers will ever surpass the keyboard?
Answer: I currently play with an Xbox One controller on my pc when gaming and have been finding its limitations. I don’t think for games like Fortnite where you can build items with a touch of a key or your mouse a controller can compare.

Do you think multiplayer games are taking over single player games?
Answer: Definitely, single player games are fun until you beat the campaign. You are then done with the game, online allows you to play with others around the world or your buddies/friends/family to enjoy the same game but with a team.

Do you think cross play between PC and Console gamers is fair?
Answer: I don’t see why not, if someone wants to play a console game with a keyboard that option is available so I feel like there isn’t a competitive edge nowadays.

What favorite character/item of yours from a game has been nerfed into oblivion?
Answer: My favorite character has to be Stone of Jordan ring in the Diablo games. It used to be a powerful item, now it is pretty much worthless.

What are you playing right now?
Answer: Currently I play a mix of games: Call of Duty : Modern Warfare, Fortnite, Street Fighter V, and Diablo 3 : Reaper of Souls.

How long have you been gaming?
Answer: I’ve been gaming since the NES days.

Your favorite snack/drink while gaming?
Answer: I do enjoy sipping on some EVP 3D from Evogen Nutrition. It’s a **perfect drink for me to sip on while gaming as it gives me the mental focus needed when gaming but no crazy post crash effect.

Do you have any pets?
Answer: Yes! My wife and I have 6, 4 dogs (Jester, Cooper, Cleveland, Winston) and 2 pet rats named Ed & Eddie.

Shout out to your Social media channels.
Answer: My personal socials are all @rollinsw0llen, my streaming socials are @rollinsw0llenstreaming on FB & IG.

What hobbies do you have besides gaming?
Answer: Outside of gaming I am a professional bass player who travels across the US with my rock band Hindsight. Internationally published fitness model and actor.

Is your career in the gaming sector?
Answer: It is not, I am a network technician. I manage servers/computers/networks for city/government and small businesses.

Shout out your best gaming friends.
Answer: I just want to say what’s up to my little brother Julian Salazar & cousin Jimmy Balboa who I game with. Team [CLAW]