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What’s your favorite console?
Answer: I’m and old PC Gamer turned into a Console Gamer with age, now trying to get back to PC Gaming again 😊 Regarding favorite console; I have always enjoyed the PlayStation consoles, mostly due to their exclusives and first party titles.

What’s your favorite video game right now?
Answer: Without a doubt – Stellaris. I’m also deep into Wasteland 3 right now (and loving it!).

What’s your favorite video game of all time?
Answer: Trick question! No legit gamer can name one favorite video game of all time! ;D So here are a couple of my top games: Fallout 2, Xcom: Enemy Unknown (1994), Thief: The Dark Project and Dungeon Keeper 2.

Do you think console controllers will ever surpass the keyboard?
Answer: Depends on the genre. For FPS – Nope. For third person adventure games – Maybe.

Do you think multiplayer games are taking over single player games?
Answer: No, there will always be a need and demand for good single player games. Sometimes you just want to game on your own for a while.

Do you think cross play between PC and Console gamers is fair?
Answer: Depends on the game and context. For Co-op games; for sure! For competitive FPS MOBA’s; not so much.

What favorite character/item of yours from a game has been nerfed into oblivion?
Answer: Jedi’s in the Star Wars Galaxies MMO.

What are you playing right now?
Answer: Stellaris, Wasteland 3, Greedfall and Destroy All Humans! (the remake).

How long have you been gaming?
Answer: Since I was five years old. Started with arcades and NES, went on to Amiga and Atari computers and ended up on PC’s during the golden era of gaming (mid 1990’s). No regrets.

Your favorite snack/drink while gaming?
Answer: Barbecue chips and/or chili nuts and soda.

Do you have any pets?
Answer: No.

You get 2 wishes. What would they be?
Answer: Human unification and that we enter the era of space exploration in FTL-capable spaceships (Yes, basically that Star Trek becomes real).

How old are you?
Answer: 41 years.

What is your hometown?
Answer: Gothenburg, Sweden.

Where do you live now?
Answer: Gothenburg, Sweden.

Shout out your Social media channels.
Answer: I’m too old for Internet…

Shout out your gamer tags.
Answer: Crissan

Top 3 favorite movies of all time?
Answer: Star Wars Episode 4-6.

Favorite tv shows of all time?
Answer: Firefly and The Expanse

Favorite time of day to game?
Answer: Night time.

Is your career in the gaming sector?
Answer: Yes, I am the founder of and is now leading the team within Twitch.