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What’s your favorite console?
Answer: By far Nintendo Wii U, they always been the most unique in terms of play style, their characters and stories. When the Wii U came out it was a flop but in terms of what they offered to gamers and the ability to play on a tablet was the greatest thing I had seen at the time. No huge blockbuster games and ultimately the quick transition to the Switch made the most sense and the Wii U was just a transition console but I will always remember it fondly.

Do you think multiplayer games are taking over single player games?
Answer: No, now more than ever multiplayer is more accessible and with the internet becoming more accessible its bringing people together but ultimately a good single player game can sell just as well. From a business perspective multiplayer will always make more than single player so you may see developers move that direction.

Do you think cross play between PC and Console gamers is fair?
Answer: Depends on the game and if the developer needs to do any adjusting to compensate play style. Does Warzone need to have a console advantage in terms of latency? Does Battlefield need aim assist? I think this needs to become another mechanic they test and compensate like abilities in the game for it to be successful.

How long have you been gaming?
Answer: As long as I can remember and I can remember the original Super Mario Bros. PC started up in the late 90s with Diablo and Starcraft

Your favorite snack/drink while gaming?
Answer: Water and any kind of trail mix or energy poppable snack.

Do you have any pets?
Answer: Yes, 2 cats

How old are you?
Answer: 33

What is your Hometown?
Answer: Frederick, MD

Shout out your Social media channels.
Answer: Twitter: @Wheenus

Instagram: @Wheenus

….. you know what im just Wheenus everywhere

Do you like VR gaming?  Do you think the future of gaming is 100% VR?
Answer: So VR is neat but isnt 100% the future. I like it as a style like mobile or board games. Ive tried some quick hits of games here and there but dont own a VR headset, yet.

Top 3 favorite movies of all time?
Answer: Matrix, Star Wars: Revenge of the Sith, Avengers: Infinity Wars Part 1.

Top 3 favorite tv shows of all time?
Answer: Breaking Bad, Lost, The West Wing

Best single player game out there?
Answer: Currently – Animal Crossing

All Time – Legend of Zelda BOTW

Best Multiplayer game out there?
Answer: Currently – Call of Duty: Warzone

All Time – Halo 3 (and it isnt even close)

What is your current job?  What is your dream job?
Answer: Currently I fix computers and a bit of a Geek. To a degree this is my dream job.

What music do you jam?
Answer: Video Game Music, for random video game songs

You can time travel to any decade/year, what do you pick?
Answer: Future 30 years, but only if I can come back. Would like to see how the future looks!

Who is the most influential person in your life?
Answer: My son, teaches me something new every day!