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What’s your favorite console?
Answer: PC

What’s your favorite video game right now?
Answer: Overwatch

What’s your favorite video game of all time?
Answer: Fallout4

Do you think console controllers will ever surpass the keyboard?
Answer: No

Do you think multiplayer games are taking over single player games?
Answer: Yes

6. Do you think cross play between PC and Console games is fair?
Answer: No

What are you playing right now?
Answer: Overwatch, COD, League of Legends

How long have you been gaming?
Answer: 6 years

Your favorite snack/drink while gaming?
Answer: Chips & Redbull lol

Do you have any pets?
Answer: Yes, 4 cats & 2 dogs

You get 2 wishes. What would they be?
Answer: World peace & unlimited dogs

What would a video game based on your life be called?
Answer: House wife simulator

How old are you?
Answer: 24

Shout out your Social media channels.
Answer: Insta: & @gains4geeks.

Do you like VR gaming? Do you think the future of gaming is 100% VR?
Answer: Its ok & no

Top 3 favorite movies of all time?
Answer: Inglorious bastards, girl interrupted & lord of the rings trilogy

Top 3 favorite tv shows of all time?
Answer: The office, new girl & skins

Favorite time of day to game?
Answer: Nighttime

What hobbies do you have besides gaming?
Answer: Working out, hiking, golfing

Best single player game out there?
Answer: Fallout4

Best Multiplayer game out there?
Answer: Overwatch

Is your career in the gaming sector?
Answer: Half of it, yes

What is your current job? What is your dream job?
Answer: Content creator & twitch streamer. Personal trainer

What music do you jam?
Answer: Classic rock, 1940s & 50s jazz

You can time travel to any decade/year, what do you pick?
Answer: 1950’s

You can transport anywhere on the planet right now, where do you go?
Answer: Hawaii

Who is the most influential person in your life?
Answer: My hubby