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What’s your favorite console?
Answer: I started off playing Diablo 3 on my crappy laptop, and quickly switched over to an Xbox One in 2015. Since then my main mode of games has been Xbox, but recently I acquired a PS4 Pro to play the games I can’t play on Xbox. Since I have both, I’ve learned that both have their pros, and cons, and that the console feud shouldn’t exist since both are great.

What’s your favorite video game right now?
Answer: Tough question. I have been playing a ton of Fallout 76, and DOOM Eternal, but recently picked up The Last of Us Remastered to get ready to try out The Last of Us Part II. Both of those are great as well, but my go-to’s have to be Rainbow Six: Siege and Fallout 76 whenever I run out of other games to play.

What’s your favorite video game of all time?
Answer: Oh God, TOUGH. My first love will always be Diablo 3; it is THE game that got me into video games hardcore. After that, I got into Fallout 4 heavy, and even got a Vault Boy tattoo to commemorate it.

Do you think console controllers will ever surpass the keyboard?
Answer: In my *personal* opinion, I think the console/PC wars are trash. I see the pros to the Xbox, PlayStation and PC, and picking one is just a matter of personal preference over the other. I love playing on console, but know people that will die for the keyboard.

Do you think multiplayer games are taking over single player games?
Answer: Yes, and no. Multiplayer games sell very well because they keep the attention of players constantly. First-person story RPGs are sometimes hard to get into because not everyone has the patience to understand them, nor want to understand a story they may not be interested in. Multiplayer shooters, for example, are also a little bit easier to build, while triple A story games take much longer, and usually require a bigger budget, something that some video game companies don’t care to shell out for.

Do you think cross play between PC and Console gamers is fair?
Answer: Yes. I’ve always thought it was fair. People should be able to play with who they want, and shelling out another $400 for the same console as their friend shouldn’t be an option.

What are you playing right now?
Answer: Right now I just finished The Last of Us Part II, and am looking for my next game to get into. I’ve been looking at For Honor, but I have Resident Evil 3 and Alien Isolation waiting to be installed on my Pro.

How long have you been gaming?
Answer: I have been gaming since 2012, after I got a PC version of Diablo 3 after its launch. I didn’t expect to get into it, but after that I started branching out to other games to see what else was out there, and that’s when I played Assassins Creed: Unity, and loved it.

Your favorite snack/drink while gaming?
Answer: MONSTER ENERGY. BIG fan of Monster since my high school days. Literally been drinking it almost everyday since, I never get tired of it. Monster, please sponsor me.

Do you have any pets?
Answer: I have a five-year-old black bunny named Vera! She is the cutest gaming partner, but will chew on your cords if you leave them out!

How old are you?
Answer: Just turned 24 this June! I’m getting old.

What is your hometown?
Answer: My hometown is Charlottesville, Virginia.

Where do you live now?
Answer: I am living in Charlottesville for now but am getting ready to move to Virginia Beach!

What is your favorite Youtube channel to watch?
Answer: My favorite gaming channel to watch on YouTube will always be JackSepticEye, he’s the sweetest person ever. Next up is Good Mythical Morning.

What is your favorite twitch channel to watch?
Answer: I don’t watch a whole lot of Twitch, but currently I have a friend that is apart of an esports team that streams Valorant, so I gotta shoutout uls3 on Twitch.

Shout out your Social media channels.
Answer: Instagram: brooke_nnicholson
Twitter: Brooke_Nicole76

Shout out your gamer tags.
Answer: Oh Gosh, on Xbox its RedDemonHunter, on PS4 its AtomBombBaby07

Do you like VR gaming? Do you think the future of gaming is 100% VR?
Answer: I think at one time gaming companies thought that VR was gonna be the next thing, but turns out the VR games haven’t been perfected, nor do people prefer them. Some VR games are fine, but it’s gonna take a while for people to warm up to it, or even care about it, because they’re so used to console/PC.

Top 3 favorite movies of all time?
Answer: Cloverfield
Bride of Chucky

Top 3 favorite tv shows of all time?
Answer: Two and a Half Men
Family Guy

Favorite time of day to game?
Answer: Definitely after 8 pm, I’m a night player.

What hobbies do you have besides gaming?
Answer: Currently I write for Screen Rant, love editing videos, love writing for a community magazine, I love working with mixed media and creating my own art, helping my boyfriend work on cars.

Best single player game out there?
Answer: Tough question. P.T. (the demo for the cancelled game, Silent Hills) has to be #1. Not only is it the best horror game of all time, but one of the best single player experiences I have ever had. You can’t change my mind. Death Stranding is also an experience everyone should play through.

Best Multiplayer game out there?
Answer: Hard question as well, but Rainbow Six: Siege has continuously worked to make itself better since its launch, and is now considered one of the best multiplayers of the generation. Can’t wait for Rainbow Six: Quarantine!

Is your career in the gaming sector?
Answer: Sort of. Because of COVID, my job options after graduating college were limited, so I took up and applied to as many freelance, remote, and part-times as I could while staying at home most of the time. Right now I’m an author for Screen Rant, and work part-time at GameStop, while also simultaneously finishing classes, working as an intern, and as PR manager for GamersBooklet!

What is your job? What is your dream job?
Answer: I am working a few different jobs right now, some within the video game sector, but my absolute dream job would be to be the next Pete Hines. I am dying to get on stage at huge, international video game conventions and talk to an excited crowd of gamers hungry for our next project. I have been jealous of all the creators who get to go in front of people and get them riled up for the next game. I love the marketing, trailers, PR, and everything that comes with games, almost as much as the games themselves. I am absolutely dying to work for a large video game corporation and work on secret projects as a PR Manager, or something similar.

What music do you jam?
Answer: Lately I have been going back to my heavy metal phase from high school, and love jamming to some Bring Me the Horizon, or HellYeah. Post Malone, Halsey, and Crossfade are some of the other artists I’ve been listening to!