Pete Musher

Years ago, I was a wolf breeder living on the outskirts of Nova Scotia. I also ran a blueberry syrup operation from home. I trained my wolves to protect all the syrup.Things were going great. If you asked around town, I had the best syrup anyone had ever tasted. One day I saw a carney wandering on my property. I didn’t know him personally, but I had seen him many times at the carnival down the street. He was the drunk guy who sold turkey legs at a nearby stand. My wolves were surrounding him, ready to attack. Luckily for him, I was able to call them off before they got to him. I saved that man’s life. After that, we became best friends and created this website.

Atticus Harper

Years ago, I was the main attraction at a show in Nova-Scotia. People from all around Canada came here to see me perform. I dreamt of pursuing a solo acting career. One day, I got into a big argument with some co-workers and decided to quit. While I was walking home, I stopped to pet some huskies that were playing in a field. They were very friendly, but the guy who lived there came running out of his house, yelling at the dogs to settle down. He invited me inside to try some of his “famous” blueberry syrup. It was the worst syrup I ever tasted, but out of politeness I pretended to like it. We became best friends and started this website.
So, those stories aren’t 100% true. The truth is, we are employees turned entrepreneurs and
best friends turned business partners. We wanted to create a website that connected gamers. From casual gamers socializing to professional gamers competing and everyone in between. We are continually growing this site from a social media outlet and adding more gaming features. In the meantime, keep connecting; keep gaming!